Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★★

I just can't get myself to go any lower than a five, this is easily one of the most clever and fun movies I've seen in a long time. This is a film I've been hyped about for ages and it surpassed any expectations I had.
With this film Rian Johnson crafts a practically perfect mystery. Mystery films struggle with either being too simple or by throwing in a twist that's out of nowhere and frankly bullshit (I'm looking at you Murder on the Orient Express). Everything in this film is brilliantly knit together and there is never a point where things don't make sense. His fun mystery is made memorable through the incredible cast of characters he has crafted and the engrossing world he has created. The film's score is magnificent, the cinematography doesn't always do anything special but has moments of brilliance, and the way the film is cut together works perfectly. The set design is also bloody brilliant. That knife chair?? Fucking awesome.
This cast is just special. Southern Daniel Craig is back, and I've heard many suggest that Johnson may want to make more films with him as the detective similarly to how Agatha Christie made numerous books following the same detectives, and I'd love that. His delivery is amazing and that accent is perfect. I'm not as firm on the Ana de Armas hype train as everyone, she is fucking great in this film. Yes it is an ensemble film, but if I were to say someone was the main character it would be her, and she does a really great job carrying scenes. Chris Evans is a clear standout, taking his Captain America good guyness and telling it to eat shit, perfectly portraying a true douche. Christopher Plummer is obviously not in the film all that much, but I fucking adored his performance when he was on screen. Don Johnson was fantastic, Toni Collette was great, Michael Shannon was really fucking good, Lakeith Stanfield was fantastic, Jamie Lee Curtis was great, Katherine Langford was solid, and the rest of the supporting cast was quite great.
This is magnificent film. Much like others like Ford v Ferrari, this is a kind of film we just don't get very often anymore and I had a really amazing time with this. Seeing it with a friend and an audience may have enhanced my experience, but hey, fuck it, I really loved this film. What a great past couple months we've had for movies.

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