Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

Extended IMAX edit with director's commentary

Movie holds up as ever. Snyder's commentary might have worked better as an audio track that focused him more on what was happening on screen (personal preference here), perhaps even done in tandem with screenwriter Chris Terrio who Snyder seems to recognise as more the film's "ideas man". Nonetheless, cool to have Snyder open up his production design, frames, and mise-en-scène (particularly with regard to his interests in painting and sculpture—makes sense when you hear him talking that the film feels like it has been handled with a similar level of care), and the ways in which his own personal possessions (e.g. a statue of Alexander the Great) found their way into the picture. Also nice to have certain pet ideas and theories validated by the man himself (e.g. the Cheney quote, despite it not really getting unpacked; Superman made silent between warring narrations of his existence) and find new levels to characterisation and the structure of the film, even as Snyder appears to have a slightly more schematic view of the underlying concerns of the film (re. gods and men, good and evil etc., and less the political over- and under-tones of the movie)—fascinating how a work can exceed the grasp of any one person involved in its creation, but live as exactly and richly as it does on precisely that basis. Perhaps that's the truth of all the great films, to some degree.

Anyhow, all told, an enjoyable experience regardless of whether I'll watch it again this way or not. Great of Snyder to facilitate an event like this for those interested in the offer. COVID-19 has provided the world with little joy, but this was a pleasant and meaningful exception.

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