Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★★

"Every time we hit it, we make it more powerful. We can't attack."

"Did the nightmares ever stop?"

The most important disquisition on American power this side of 9/11, and one that only amplifies in its honest longing and pathos for ideas and ideals that never were, as they become all the more irretrievably lost from the realm of the possible. It's telling and tragic that both the studio and audiences rejected this colossus of formal and conceptual ambition and inquiry. In no sense a postmodern excoriation of types and symbols but, rather, the last gasp of non-commercially determined classical mythologising that would dare to take the world—as construed by the society that produced the film—as its object and genuinely consider what this society, the power that it wields, and the principles that obtain upon that power each are; and, further still, dream of what said society could be beyond these presently existent realities when sincerely processed. Each subsequent viewing is its own minor revelation. Likely the only truly necessary U.S. film of the decade, if not the century thus far.

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