Logan ★★★½

Dark, gritty, off-beat, and ultimately superior comic cinema.

In a way it feels somewhat disingenuous to label this as being another comic offering. From the very outset things feel different. The viewing is atmospheric, but perhaps the most surprising aspect is that a large majority of the proceedings are driven solely by mood. It's a bleak and desperate affair, and the film-makers go to great lengths to ensure that such dynamics are felt by the viewer.

The plot finds Logan and Professor X living in isolation with dreams of buying a boat and thereafter escape to a quieter style. Unfortunately for Logan, fate has different plans. Young mutant Laura shows up, holding information regarding the future of mutants along with information of a more personal nature. What follows is a comic viewing that isn't afraid to stray away from occasional visits to the existential arena, however brief such visits may ultimately be.

At its very core this is a chase film through and through. The main character, at least in the first half, is the open road, and in the end I'll be damned if I don't feel the viewing is at its strongest when it embraces this dynamic. I for one loved the musings tied to the relationship between Professor X and Logan, and alternatively Logan himself. At times this felt like a dark look into a tired man's soul, and the fallout that resulted from his earlier life. It's dark and ambitious, but most importantly, it's able to embrace the material in such a manner that the dynamic proves to be successful.

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of this viewing for me is the fact that I didn't really buy the emotional core between Logan and Laura. It's not a problem with the core per se, but rather how the core is portrayed. I simply don't think it did enough to fully invest and immerse me on an emotional level. Additionally, I can't help but feel that the climax (consisting of a fight in the woods) was a little too mundane, particularly in light of what came before it. The viewing had a chance to go out with an absolute bang, and I can't help but feel that some potential was wasted with the finale.

It may take the easy way out in some respects, but rest assured this is a refreshing and confident slice of comic cinema.

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