Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

Got skulled as fuck on a Sunday night, and thereafter lived to tell about it.

When going into a reboot of classical blockbuster cinema, as a viewer one would hope that the viewing takes the material into a new direction while simultaneously paying homage to the original. Unfortunately for the viewer, such is not entirely the case here.

A diverse team of scientists and military folk descend on an uncharted and unexplored island in hopes of discovering a new ecosystem. Naturally, as is typically the case when exploring uncharted islands, dastardly monsters lie at every turn. The problem tied to this viewing isn't the monsters, but rather, lies with the human species above all else.

Generally speaking, the characters in this film are severely undeveloped, and in general just aren't handled in such a way that lends the viewing to emotional investment. Granted, this is blockbuster cinema, but some investment is still needed in order to become immersed in the proceedings. As a result of said failure, the viewing consists entirely of a few set pieces. I won't deny that said set pieces are well-done and entertaining, but the film feels like a collection of cool moments rather than consisting of a true narrative.

Entertaining to a certain degree, but in the end it's in dire need of some character.

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