Inside ★★★★½

HORRORx52 (2020)
25. Made in France

The French aren't afraid to use a little blood- Inside is another title to add to the stack of incredible and ultra-violent New Wave of of French Horror that they seem to make so well.

There's a lot of special reasons that make Inside so special. You have a female in both as the protagonist and antagonist, not only that but the female antagonist kills many men with ease. She is made out to be unforgiving with no hold backs. The female protagonist is very strong overall and isn't just another dumb broad. These are big genre trope breakers that really should be held up. Plus the ending doesn't change the tone of the film. I wish more horror films would keep their balls all the way through and not get snipped in the last five minutes.

Inside is a blood fest, it's dark, it's grim, and it's a phenomenal piece for the genre.

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