Arachnophobia ★★★★½

It's been well over a decade since I gave this creepy crawly fest a watch. My grandma bought this for me on VHS when I was a kid cause even then- I was a horror buff but was limited to stuff rated appropriate for my age. I remember getting quite worked up because of this movie especially at night. Due to that tent scene at the beginning, I was always fearful of a giant spider under my blankets.

Fast forward to now where I'm 25, picked this up on the blu, and watched it to remember the nostalgia. Of course I picked up a lot of the story I didn't understand as a kid but this surprisingly held up damn well. It even got me feeling itchy and uncomfortable at times!

I can't imagine what production was like with so many real damn spiders around. It's incredible how they were able to work with live spiders (for the most part) rather than resort to outdated CGI or stop motion.

I most likely wouldn't rate it this high if I watched it today but it is an effective film and it made me relive some good childhood memories again.

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