Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Good movie!

I think it's pretty fantastic we're getting a stacked-cast modern whodunnit for the big screen, even if it's only a weekly event ala Netflix.
By the way, I saw this thing at a multiplex. My father, my girlfriend, and I went to the box office and couldn't find seats together for the 6:30 show. We had to move to the 7:50! this hasn't happened to me in years. Also, they were running three consecutive theaters for sold out audiences for this film. THREE...
If there's any proof that Netflix needs to start investing their 'better' films into wide releases, here it is.

I also think it's pretty interesting and awesome that both this film, and it's (much better) predecessor focus their moral and emotional center around a disenfranchised woman of color, whom enacts actual righteous justice against a personal wrong and system of wealth inequality and pompous rich douchebags, whether incidental (like the first) or intentional (like this one). While it's white male lead, who is socially progressive! and plays Among Us (lame reference. A lot of lame, contrived cameos and references here. Love the Gravity's Rainbow througline from the first though!) is more of a all encompassing, wise, assisting and comedic conduit for the story and 'gets out of the way' for our moral center.

Even though, to be honest, I find it hard to completely convince myself of Rian Johnson and company's working class/social commentary motives when he's getting such a fat check from this streaming service, who is, um, contemptible. At best?

And that's a whole other thing...

Fuck you, Netflix.

While it's great that Netflix and these multiplexes are now working together to release a movie to a wider audience, even though a one week release for a movie doesn't fucking count. This movie would easily kill for 45-60 days at least.

I also find it especially insidious that Netflix has blocked independent and private theaters from showing this movie. Ya know, the same theaters that gave your 'award' and 'art' movies a theatrical home and allowed you to get your little theatrical window for Academy Qualification. Especially when exhibition business is down 30% this season and it's seeming the streaming bubble is finally bursting, because it's unsustainable and nobody releases figures because it's basically a fugazi... WB Discovery/HBO Max is going to be bought out again any day now folks. There's even talks of Disney selling to Apple. I don't know how realistic that is. But it's pretty safe to say that in a few years, Amazon, Apple, and Comcast (at least) will solely dominate the streaming market. Or what's left of it.
Fucking punks.

Oh well, I had a better rant days ago. I'm kind of over it now.
Besides, multiplexes will be dead in a decade and independent/private theaters will survive.

Long Live Cinema.
Long Live the Big Screen.

(P.s. I still love you Rian and Daniel. Get your money, I guess? Woot woot)

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