Spencer ★★★★½

Spencer is an intimate look into Princess Diana's life over a few days and you get a very unsettling look into her psyche. Kristen Stewart gives an outstanding performance and completely transforms herself into Diana. It's harrowing to see what she experiences and the audience feels every single tense feeling. There are still moments of levity and the final scene feels extremely cathartic. Knowing what happens to her in real life does add some melancholy, however.

The supporting cast is excellent, particularly Sally Hawkins. Jack Farthing is great as Charles and the scene by the pool table stands out. This movie also looks beautiful and cinematographer Claire Mathon does a fantastic job of placing you in the mind of the title character. Along with the beautiful production and costumes, the movie looks stunning. Jonny Greenwood is one of my favorite composers and his score does wonders here and adds a ton to each scene.

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