The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies ★★★★

Time to say goodbye to middle earth for the last time.

The story is about Dwarven party led by Thorin Oakenshield finally reclaims their kingdom of Erebor, the vast treasure draws out now only the wrath of Smaug but also the army of men and elves, who want the fortune for their own.

Let me give you a quick feed back of the other two films then to this one. "A unexpected Journey" I thought was pretty amazing... when I first sawed it, after a couple of watchers later it's not as amazing as the first time, but I still enjoyed it even with the problems showing. "Desolation of Smaug" (in my opinion) was way better and way more fun and better paste than "Unexpected Journey", and Smaug as the villain was icing on the cake. Now we got "Battle of the Five Armies" and I can conform that the movie is actually pretty good and it's a solid finale to The Hobbit series.

Peter Jackson directs this movie in a way that middle earth feels like a real pace that we can go to anytime we want and I got to give him that. Jackson clearly adores middle earth as he really doesn't want it to end and I can see why. It probably makes him feel at home directing these movies and sometimes leaving you home behind sucks.

The visual effect's at times looked really good and once again this movie had that shiny mix with grey color with the character's Armour and the background of beautiful New Zealand. But I like the Lord of the Rings effect's a little better, why you may ask, because the effect's in that movie still holds up today but that's just me... maybe.

All the cast did a outstanding job. Ian Mckellen will always be Gandalf, Martian Freeman did a fantastic job playing Bilbo Baggins and to be honest I like Bilbo Baggins more then frodo in my opinion.

My biggest problems with the film is some of the visual effect's in the movie looks very noticeable and I had the same problem with the other two films. The love story between Kili (the Dwarf) and Tauriel (the Elf), didn't find their romance plot to really needed for the film and when something bad happens to the two of them I just sitting thinking "Well stuff happens".

Overall rating: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies is a solid final to the Hobbit series with some problems there and then. Good action scenes, good performances and a brutal fight scenes.

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