Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings ★★

Oh Ridley Scott why?. Why do you always keep doing this. I know you're a great director, you proved that back in your gold age of films, but now you make such forgettable and mostly terrible films like: Hannibal, Robin Hood, The Counselor and now this.

The story is about a Moses as he rises up against the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses, setting 600,000 slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues.

Judging by the trailers of this film I was pretty excited for the movie, because it looks exciting, epic and looks like a lot of fun.
Until I sawed the reviews for the film and on RT it had 2.8% and on Metacritic it had about 5.2% and let me just I was really disappointed from hearing that, I thought Ridley Scott finally got his mo jo back but really he hasn't.

RANT Time: Once I sawed a article about people complain about the none Egyptian actors playing famous Egyptian as known today, and the director himself has come out and said that he can't work with actors from different county's like Egyptian, because it's to hard work and he doesn't get a long with them. Hearing that I give up on Ridley on this, you can't work with people that are from different country's? I'm sorry but are you not the man who bough us Alien, Gladiator and Blade Runner. Dude your know has the master of directing and you can't work with people from different country's because "It's to hard work", well judging on Alien and Blade Runner which looked really hard to do and probably took a long time to finish. That's easy to you but you don't want to work with people from different country's, F**K you Ridley, but I still love you other movies.

Anywhere I still kept a open mind going into this movie, even with the news like that which really bothered me but still maybe the actors might pull it off, and let me just say after viewing the film it's not as bad as the critics are describing it to be, but it's really disappointing.

Christian Bale did okay as Moses as Mr. Bale can nail every role his in, but this one is may not incredible but he didn't do a bad job. Joel Edgerton did okay as well. That might sound really uninspiring and not very creative words to use for these two performance, but as I said their performances wasn't incredible or anything special, so yeah I'm sticking to it's okay.

The visual effect's were pretty good and the red sea part I have to say was pretty well done. The directing by Ridley once again was pretty damn good, even when I'm not that happy with him for making such a poor decision, he still mangers to win me over.

Now for the big problems: The story of Moses and the red sea had to be the most interesting and the most imaginative story I've ever seen, but in this movie it gets over shadowed by the action scenes and to don't get me wrong the action sense were pretty bad-ass, but don't forget you're telling a classic story of Moses. Sigourney Weaver was wasted in this movie and that's just sad to see that, has she is a freaking damn great actress being in roles that just put her talent to waste. Aaron Paul as well was wasted in this movie just like Weaver.

Exodus: Gods and Kings has to be the most blandest and the most disappointing movie of this year and I really wanted this movie to be good, but it just turned out to be a disappointment from a director who use to have his spot light.

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