Sick ½


There’s my Karsten review. I’ll take my 1700 likes now please. 

In any case, I tried to watch this last weekend when it dropped and was so put off by the grating Screamness of it all, I recoiled from it as one would a striking cobra and shut it off after about 20 minutes. But then, wouldn’t you know it, my boy Dennis Duffy contacted the mods and registered a complaint that I had rated the film without finishing it. So I was given the choice to either complete watching Sick from where I left off, or have all my writing deleted from this webzone. Thanks a lot, Dennis. 

Anyway…Sick is truly terrible. The muddled, moronic manner it weaves Covid into the motivations for the killers is genuinely offensive. Kevin Williamson and his idiotic penchant for having multiple killers in his dumbfuck slasher crap never fails to infuriate me. Anyway, the two actors playing the parents trying to kill the lead for kissing their son at a party are really awful and deeply hateable and not in a good way that benefits their antagonist roles. I just wanted them to shut up. Which was no different from how I felt about anyone else in this. 

I don’t like Hyams direction here at all. Running around amidst the action whipping his camera in the direction of everything that moves. It’s like his DP was a squirrel on meth and bath salts. I got Jordan Peele movie trailer PTSD from the crummy, trendy score. The kills are weak, the killers suck, the protagonists suck, the messaging is inscrutable nonsense. If you’re just going to make your slasher’s subtext into blockheaded text, you better know what the hell it is you’re trying to say. Please tell me this is as bad as a horror movie is going to get this year.

I hope you’re happy, Dennis.

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