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  • Murder at the Vanities


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  • Save Ralph

    Save Ralph


    The moment that this short really destroyed me was when the experimenter poured that awful test liquid into poor Ralph's eye. Upon seeing it, I immediately winced with such sympathetic pain, to the point I had to shield my own eyes from seeing any more abuse. As I now contemplate over this film, I now find myself greatly disturbed by what I've witnessed. What's genuinely upsetting is the fact that what happened to our poor Ralph wasn't fictional sadism, an…

  • Death Takes a Holiday

    Death Takes a Holiday


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Yes, Lindsay Ellis; it truly was awesome to see Grazia go willingly with Death, in an ultimately pure combination of death positivity and genuine romance. It's feel-good classic movie for Goths everywhere, even ending up genuinely much more feminist and heartfelt than its most ill-advised Brad Pitt-starring remake.

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  • Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity


    Instructor's Note: Here's the question our professor asked us to consider whilst watching the movie - How does this film adhere to the conventions of Film Noir? Name some elements associated with Film Noir and give specific examples of how Double Indemnity uses those elements. [Mary Dutterer]

    Initial Response: Double Indemnity has been often described as the first archetypal film noir, or at least "arguably the first to bring together all the major elements of the style" (Arnold 91). While…

  • Drugs Are Like That

    Drugs Are Like That


    Things that are a googol times worse than drugs: Anita Bryant, child abuse, baby abuse, insane troll logic, boing sound effects being used non-ironically, unfair comparisons that can't tell the difference between OCD and addiction, unfortunate implications that lump perfectly fine subconscious habits with completely dangerous addictions, homophobia, ageism, bad parenting, terrible child acting, and this short when viewed un-riffed.

    Thank God for the hysterical riff, though; without it, this short somehow makes Hobgoblins briefly look like Werewolf.