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  • The Poem of Hayachine Valley
  • Expedition Content
  • Memories of Agano
  • Heliography

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  • Against the Tide


  • Key Largo


  • Prometheus


  • Decoy

Recent reviews

  • Against the Tide

    Against the Tide


    Too glossy and short for my taste. Interesting nonetheless.

  • Echigo Okumiomote

    Echigo Okumiomote


    Shot in four years, the movie follows the everyday life of Okumiomote, a mountain village in Niigata prefecture, near the border with Yamagata. The village, its inhabitants, the mountains, the forest and the rivers form a fascinating ecosystem and microcosm of a life (1980-1984) dependent upon and regulated by natural elements and the cycle of seasons.
    This lifestyle and the specific traditions, customs and habits practiced, changed and improved for centuries by the people would eventually disappear, years after the…

Popular reviews

  • Shin Ultraman

    Shin Ultraman

    Few random thoughts:
    from the very first scene, the title cards and the music it's clear that Shin Ultraman is first of all a homage and a love letter to the Showa era Ultraman and especially to Jissōji Akio and its directorial style. If you approach it with this frame of mind, you'll be definitely entertained.
    The special effects are very well made, particularly the kaiju and the battles, like in Shin Godzilla, they are a hybrid of pratical and…

  • Lupin III: The First

    Lupin III: The First


    The plot is thin and predictable (Indy Jones-like) but the spirit is very faithful to the original series, and surprisingly the CG works well, besides some stiffness in some of the characters. The gags, the funny parts, and the characterization (especially Letitia) were the highlights for me. The music and the action scenes were also positive. A decent film and a fun ride, particularly if you’re a fan.