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  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A fascinating blend of so many genres and ideas - sci-fi, police procedural, horror, religion - all wrapped up under the guise of a truly unsettling B-movie exploitation film. The kind of bold auteur work that feels like it couldn't have been made under any other time or circumstance. Larry Cohen was given complete and utter free reign with this film and it shows throughout. It really is hard to speak on the originality of this piece enough, even that…

  • Night Train

    Night Train


    Desolate, grim and yet profound. There's been a number of films tackling the overwhelming emptiness of American suburbia and its capitalist spaces. There's also been films exploring a similar concept but landing in Britain and our post-industrial terraces. Night Train is a Chinese equivalent to these, highlighting the dehumanising nature of China's industrialised urban areas. Places filled with lonely people and lonely lives, souls desperate for even the slightest flicker of human connection. What passion can survive in places like…

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  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    Sometimes I reflect on how lucky Wes Anderson truly is to be in the position of recognition he has achieved. Most other directors this dynamic, this fresh, this original, have been cast away from fame as more easily palatable and simplistic directors achieve that mainstream success. Because it's undoubtable that he is a unique voice, arguably the most unique working today, and that should be recognised and defended.

    I've seen the usual criticisms that Anderson's work always gets tossed out…

  • X



    Utterly shallow and banal in all the worst ways. Slashers tend to be shallow by the inherent nature of the genre but the difference between this and something like Halloween is that Halloween is a dedicated and earnest work full of genuine cinematic craftsmanship to build tension, atmosphere and make it worthwhile. X has precisely none of that. It's constructed really like any other lame modern horror film and that leads to the "scares" having no real impact or weight…