Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★½

It's been a crazy journey since the release of the theatrical cut of this movie. It's safe to say that the movie we got in 2017 was a complete disaster. The reshoots, the poor cgi (especially supermans lips), Whedon writing the characters like the avengers, adding forced humor and completely cutting some of the most essential scenes from Ray Fisher's Cyborg. It amazes me how something can be so mishandled.

We finally get to see Zack's original vision tho. And it's leaps and bounds better than the theatrical cut. It's actually a pretty amazing movie and not just Avengers light. Watching this, you can understand Zack's vision for these characters. It's a 4 hour long movie, but somehow it goes by so fast. As someone who grew up watching the justice league cartoon, justice league unlimited, teen titans and being an all around DC fan, seeing my heroes done right in a movie brings me so much joy. The first hour and a half has some of the most artistic decisions in a comic book movie. It feels like an epic of good vs pure evil that's accompanied by stunning cinematography and score. Zack Snyder directs his big budget blockbusters like an art house movie sometimes, but the transition from that to superhero movie still feels natural.

The characters are so well done in this, that it makes me wonder how pissed off the cast must've been when they had to completely change everything about their characters in the reshoots. There's character development and deep moments between characters that can't be replaced with light hearted humor. I still don't like Steppenwolf as much, but his design is much more menacing here than it was before and seeing Darkseid just has me WISHING they make another Justice League movie and don't scrap the whole DCEU idea.

It's truly great for everyone to finally see a director's vision the way it was supposed to be. I'm left wanting more tho. Apokolips, Martian Manhunter, the Legion of Doom, more classic Justice League stories to adapt and who knows if we'll get them soon. But for now I'm satisfied we got this.