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Before I start this review I just wanna say how lucky we were to have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for 17 years and that this movie was the perfect goodbye for him.

Okay so where do I start with this movie? It's good, really really good. It became one of my favorite CBMs. And at times it doesn't even feel like one. It feels like a neo western. I love neo westerns and I loved the tone this movie had.

This movie also benefits from it's R rating. It's able to take Wolverine at places we've always wanted to see. The action is incredible. The R rating really helps it.

Hugh Jackman returns for his final performance as Logan and he is incredible as always. But I think this time he gave it his best. Patrick Stewart also returns as Charles Xavier and he gave a tear jerking performance. Seriously this movie made me cry.

Also a nice addition to this franchise is Dafne Keen as Laura or X-23. One of the best kid actors I've seen. She doesn't even talk that much and yet she still gave a good performance.

Boyd Holbrook was fun as the villain. He could have easily become forgettable, but he wasn't and I'm glad.

Even Stephen Merchant gave a pretty good performance as Caliban, a character we all forgot in X-Men: Apocalypse. This time he's memorable.

So overall this movie is amazing. No doubt about it. If you love Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, see this movie. It's his last ride and boy was it good.

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