Zodiac ★★★★★

Alright, now that I’ve watched it, I feel legitimately stupid for sleeping on this as long as I did. 

Zodiac is a damn masterpiece and feels like Fincher had absolute control and understanding of the material and what he was doing. Made with the utmost confidence and feels like a person working at the top of their game. The cast is absolutely perfect, from the 3 main stars all the way down, and they all play their parts brilliantly.

Zodiac was movie that I mistakenly thought wouldn’t be for me because I’m just really not into true crime or procedural type stories, but this is so much more than I expected. A story about how obsession can send you into a spiral that can wreck your world, but you barely even notice, because you’re still so deeply buried in your obsession that you’ve got tunnel vision, and nothing else matters. Not to mention, there are sequences in this that will be forever etched into my mind, like the Zodaic killing at the lake, and that basement sequence near the end, that is one of the most legitimately chilling scenes I’ve seen in a long time. 

A truly amazing piece of work.

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