The Northman

The Northman ★★

People have expounded upon what they think The Lighthouse is really about, but I always appreciated it as the work of a man who's head wasn't thinking anything except "damn these guys really hate each other, isn't that funny" as its driving momentum, which was easy because it left the possibility for meaning largely until the end and in such an oblique way not to get bogged down by that. Conversely, this is that much more epic in scope and strains for even more meaning at every moment despite the simplicity of its story and ease with which Amleth gets both away from danger and in proximity to what he needs to complete his self-imposed quest. Because of this, it quickly enters a holding pattern and makes for a real slog. Claes Bang MVP, but I hope Dafoe and Bjork had fun for the single day they each spent on set.

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