Scream ★★★★★

The late and great Wes Craven's masterpiece first hit cinemas in the 90's and has since earned its fame across the world with one of the most iconic franchises and killers in horror history. He reinvented and reinvigorated the horror genre and set new standards across Hollywood. Each and every character is fun and likeable in their own way and the ultimate guessing game of who's the killer out of the bunch becomes a commentary in itself. Opening with an iconic kill scene and ending in a bloodbath was perfect, the cinematography throughout is great with decent set pieces. Wes managed to capture the teenage youth slasher theme very well adapting from Kevin Williamson's script, I am sure he was proud of this when he was alive and he leaves behind a bloody legacy with big shoes to fill. My favourite character in this is definitely Randy, I love how he's the sensible guy nobody listens too but ultimately ends up last man standing. This movie is just pure popcorn fun with plenty of jump scares and this is a must see for anyone fan of horror or not.

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