Sick ★★★★

I'm in love with this fucking movie. There is nothing I could even complain about it.

I believe that since Scream 1 Kevin Williamson is able to convey the feeling of realism involving figures that for a long time were seen as indestructible, the slasher genre always played with the idea of ​​non-human killers, but just like Ghostface, the threat here is more human, and ironically, more frightening.

I would also like to point out how smart the characters are, you know those moments when you scream at the screen watching a movie when someone makes a stupid decision? That doesn't happen here, in fact it's the opposite, you are amazed by the even smarter decisions that even you wouldn't make in this situation, while other horror films use the characters' stupidity to continue the plot, this one uses exterior situations outside the control of a human being, human errors either on the part of the protagonist or the antagonist, and even the killer's own intelligence. I love seeing scenes where the characters fight a killer, knock him down , hurt him, as if the fight wasn't just on one side, and that's a great legacy that came from Scream (which made me fall in love with Sick even more). The brutality is so justified by the anger and confusion conveyed by the protagonists, that I also came to fall in love with it throughout the narrative as I followed the terrors, pain and suffering that befell them.

It's not just about the script, after all, without a direction like John Hyams', the film could fall like another empty slasher without style, but the stylization here in the direction and cinematography is frenetic, always putting us in the action and taking the viewer from a place to another without stopping, just when you think it's all over, the horrors continue, again and again.

So, I'm in love with this movie, what a GREAT SURPRISE!

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