Scream VI

Scream VI ★★½

This movie is dumb, and it believes I'm dumb too...again.

It is impossible to enumerate the amount of inconsistencies and how coward the plot is, not only does it fool you by saying that anything can happen and everyone can die, even though no true consequences really happen, but it exists in a world where logic is non-existent. I wouldn't mind if it was all part of a universe that doesn't proposes to be realistic, but that's not the case. Some Google search and a little better real Police investigation would uncover who the killer is pretty quick. At times it feels like the characters are just sitting there like pieces on a fake board put together by a child, ignoring basic 21st century tools and even how the system itself works. From time to time it's hard to accept how could some things go unnoticed with Kirby being part of the group? How could the FBI, the police, or the characters themselves not have seen such unrealistic things? The answer is simple: because these unreal things are conveniences to preserve the killer's identity, impossible situations that in a real world would never go unnoticed, something that didn't happen in Craven's films.

NYC is just kind of there? Like, take Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies for example, New York had a role to play not only in a visual way, but it was part of the context of the film and its story, Scream 3 for example uses Los Angeles and Hollywood as a way to tell its story about abuse and show business predators, but in Scream 6? New York is just...New York. Of course, it didn't have to be more than that, but it COULD be, and the wasted possibilities always bother me. Also, the film sets itself in a scope of grandeur with the NYC setting, more characters and a world beyond a small town, and doesn't quite deal with the issues that are placed with this magnitude, a greater magnitude should result in a more complex script that knows how to explain the grand scheme it wants to create, "look how this new killer has a complex plan", well, it's easy to make the audience believe something is complex and difficult when the script takes that complexity out of nowhere. Everything is VERY convenient, actually, it is unreal, sometimes even beyond human understanding just to deceive the viewer, you watch it and create theories based on logic and what the film presents, but then, the story misleads you with false leads and suspension of disbelief, it develops a false sense of surprise. Also, why should I care for theses characters? If I know that nothing will happen to them anyway, that they will always be saved by miraculous coincidences, there are no real stakes, am I watching a Marvel movie?
Hell, even the killer's motive and identity is just...coward, we've seen it a thousand times not only in Scream, but hundreds of other movies. Why does the film tells us several times they are "changing the formula", "the point of the franchise is subverting expectations" and "things are not going to happen the same way" just to do the same cliché things we've seen for 6 movies and do not subvert anything at all??? Why bother lying to us? And I mean straight up lying to the viewer. By this point we are on the sixth film of a huge franchise, is it too much to ask for a little experimentation, and a true change of formula?

I also miss the social themes reflected by the world's situation and the criticism of media that films 1, 2, 3 and 4 brought, but I think this is just not Radio Silence's vision, a shame, as this was very strong in Kevin Williamson's scripts, 1 was about violence in a new generation of millenniums, 2 about the romanticization of figures like Jeffrey Dhamer in the 1990s, 3 about Hollywood abuse with its workers and violence in movies (not from Williamson, but anyway), 4 about Internet exposure and the search for a new kind of fame coming with social media. But what are 5 and 6 about exactly? Mock Star Wars? It's sad because initially the film hints at an discussion involving Fake News and Samantha Carpenter's current status as a well-known figure, but it doesn't get anywhere beyond a nuisance in her life. Scream 2 for example was all about the drama of Sidney having her life turned into entertainment, into a movie, a true real life spectacle. A traumatized girl having her life invaded by the media, journalists, TV, and man, how much could that fit into a discussion about modern society? We live in the time of more exposure and lies in history, where anyone can create their own narrative, deceive, lie and still be believed by millions. Again, the movie gives little hints that this would become a bigger discussion but never does anything with it, just sad. Maybe I'm expecting too much from these movies, but with 4 such great movies it's hard to ask for less.

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