Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

Scream just became like Fast and Furious by this point...and I love it.

Don't expect any thematic discussions of media and violence here, Scream VI proves that the franchise has ditched its media satire and become essentially a fun trip filled with gore and violence, which isn't a bad thing, but it takes away from the social complexity put into basically every other Scream, to the point that Ghostface's motivation and identity is more obvious, tedious, and underwhelming than any other in the whole franchise (yes, even the third one).

The film promises to discuss on certain themes such as Fake News and Internet overexposure, which would create an interesting link with the same thing happening with Sidney in Scream 2, but it never leaves the drawing board and remains very superficial. As I said, the franchise has become for me uncompromising fun that no longer has the same social edge brought by Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson. Although, Radio Silence manages very well to play with its meta comments about franchises and requels, opening up interesting discussion possibilities for a seventh film about the current state of Hollywood's beloved franchises.

Something that particularly annoys me here is the lack of courage in throwing away main characters, as if there were no consequences and regardless of the situation each one of them gets away, plenty of lazy solutions that have already been used in 6 films and I'm getting sincerely tired. Even if the narrative comes with the pretext of "subverting" and saying that "anyone can die", in reality it doesn't subvert anything, it just creates a false impression of subversion, which is very deceiving, but it's not real, the script doesn't take any risks, they wasted the perfect chance. In fact I can say that this is the most coward film in the franchise till now.

One of the best openings of the franchise that left me with my jaw dropped, intense gore, creative deaths and incredibly well directed moments of tension, it is a film that never stops and despite its calmer moments, this brutality makes the threat of this new Ghostface very clear, with plenty of screen time to shine. The protagonist Sam Carpenter is much better developed, and her relationship with her sister Tara is the pinnacle that keeps the drama standing.

While not perfect, Scream VI is fun as hell, such a great time and experience.

Imagine if Scream VII was a satire on franchise endings like "Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker" and "Spider-Man No Way Home", a parody on crossovers, old characters returning, fan service, it would be the perfect ending.

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