Mathías has written 63 reviews for films during 2020.

  • Hillbilly Elegy

    Hillbilly Elegy

    Big disappointment, nothing interesting to watch here. I was waiting for a superb performance from Amy Adams and Glenn Close. Although both of them are good, none of their performances stand out.

    Gran decepción, no hay nada interesante para ver acá. Estaba esperando una interpretación excepcional por parte de Amy Adams y Glenn Close. Si bien ambas están bien, ninguna de las dos se destacó.

  • Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score

    Guillermo Vilas: Settling the Score


    The undisputed idol of Argentine tennis played in a difficult time for the sport, where the rules were not entirely clear to everyone. This documentary does not show the aspects of Guillermo's personal life, but rather of his professional career and his constant struggle - to the present day - to achieve the recognition he deserves. The ending is devastating.

    El ídolo indiscutido del tenis argentino le tocó una época difícil para el deporte, donde las reglas no estaban del…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    I really need a second watch because I could barely understand what was going on. Some parts seemed pretty weird to me. Despite all this, I loved watching Jessie Buckley in another leading role.

    Realmente necesito verla una segunda vez porque de entrada no se entiende nada. Algunas partes me parecieron bastante bizarras. Más allá de todo, amé ver a Jessie Buckley en un rol principal.

  • A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

    A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


    I didn't know much about Fred Rogers story, but this film was useful for people like me to get close to him. In my opinión, Matthew Rhys was the best thing about this movie.

    No sabía mucho sobre la historia de Fred Rogers, pero esta película sirvió para acercarme a él. Para mí, Matthew Rhys fue lo mejor de la película.

  • Cake



    Jennifer Aniston in a role we never saw before. What a shame the story is so shallow and there are no other interesting characters.

    Jennifer Aniston en un papel que nunca antes vimos. Lástima que la historia es medio chata y los personajes que la acompañan poco interesantes.

  • Late Night

    Late Night


    Emma Thompson in a role that suits her very well, a good cast joining her and a plot that at first seems to go nowhere and open many subplots but finally finds its way. Not a groundbreaking comedy but in the end manages to deliver what it wants.

    Emma Thompson en un papel que le queda muy bien, un buen elenco que la acompaña y una trama que en un principio parece no ir a ningún lado y abrir muchos frentes pero finalmente encuentra su rumbo. Una comedia poco revolucionaria pero finalmente muestra lo que quiere mostrar.

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story

    It is so mysterious, twisted and slow that I lost interest in the middle of the film. Highlights: performances and some scenes. But apart from that, a very forgettable film.

    Es tan misteriosa, rebuscada y lenta que hizo que me interesara poco cómo iba a terminar. Destaco las actuaciones y algunas escenas interesantes, pero fuera de eso una película olvidable.

  • Fractured



    Nothing you've already seen in another film that tries to be smart but is obvious from the beginning. Just another Netflix film that adds nothing new but for some reason you cannot stop watching.

    Nada que hayas visto antes en otra película que trata de ser inteligente pero es obvia desde el principio. Es otra película de Netflix que no aporta nada nuevo pero que por algún motivo no podés parar de verla.

  • Collateral



    'Collateral' is a film that maintains the tense atmosphere from the beginning to the end. Although it has a lot of clichés from almost every action movie from the early 00's, it stands out from any other in its cast and plot twists. Tom Cruise looks like he came out from an anime with that hair color.

    'Collateral' es una película que mantiene el clima que genera desde el principio hasta el final. Aunque tiene muchos clichés de casi todas…

  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep

    I literally fell asleep somewhere in the movie. The performances and the aesthetics are good and enjoyable to watch. I don't quite understand the existance of this film, I didn't feel afraid or intrigued as the movie progressed. The scenes that recreate the past were on the verge of the ridicule, sometimes I thought I was watching a spoof. Let's not talk about how long this movies is.

    Litelamente me quedé dormido en alguna parte de la película. Las actuaciones…

  • Groundhog Day

    Groundhog Day


    This was on my watchlist for a long time, so what better time to watch it than during quarantine? Bill Murray is great as usual, and although I didn't see much of Andie MacDowell's work, they make a good couple. The film was referenced in many places so somehow I felt that I had already seen it. A cute romantic comedy to spend the time.

    La tuve en mi watchlist por mucho tiempo, y qué mejor que verla en cuarentena.…

  • Ben Is Back

    Ben Is Back


    It's funny that this movie came out the same year as Beautiful Boy and that's why it falls behind in many ways. A story with a more linear plot, but with equally excellent performances. Lucas Hedges makes it worth watching, being my favorite scenes the one in church and the one in the support group..

    Es gracioso que esta película haya salido el mismo año que Beautiful Boy y por eso se queda atrás en muchos aspectos. Una historia con…