The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog ★★★★½

Why does Jesse Plemons look like a unfinished human being and Benedict Cumberbatch look like a replica of one?

The attention to detail! Oh my, Netflix dropped a banger! Jane Campion masterly directs a sad, intelligent and stylistic movie that keeps you in it’s grip all the way through, even if it’s a slow burn. 

Really liked this.. like REALLY liked it. The backdrop of Montana looks divine, the earthy hazel colouring and breathtaking scenery goes together so well with the time period and setting. The acting is so on-point and no one’s bad in this some one of the best performances this year, from what I’ve seen.

I have no real complaints, it drags a bit maybe - Some might find it a bit tedious.. especially in the beginning.. still there’s a certain vibe to this movie I’ve missed from movies the last 2.. almost 3 years now.

Really good! Watch it, maybe the best movie of 2021?


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