The Northman

The Northman ★★★★★

Visually striking, beautifully shot and completely visceral - The Northman succeeds on every level possible from the first scene setting up this phenomenal piece of film making. 

I got lost in this epic revenge journey - Alexander Starsgård is an absolute BEAST as Prince Amleth - he absorbed this character and then some!

The atmosphere created through the use of music & cinematography using different colour tones cutting from monochromatic to colour made me feel like the world created on screen was soo absorbing.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen - i was in awe at the sheer spectacle in particular the Valykrie scene made me gasp - it is one of the most stunning scenes from a film in a long time.  

Anya Taylor-Joy as always embodies her character & for me is an absolute stand out from the rest of the cast, she had me invested & intrigued as the sorceress Olga.

I was worried Nicole Kidman would have limited screen time - but im glad to see she had her own moments to shine.

Claes Bangs however WOW! I don’t have much to go on from his previous performances but if this is anything to go by he’s one to watch! 

Overall im completely captivated & blown away by what Robert Eggers has created & i know its going to sit with me for a few days & by god i hope people see this as for me its a must watch!

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