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  • Silent Light

    Silent Light


    (2) Remarkable

    It is within a rather tumultuous Cannes selection that the unsettling quietness of "Silent Light" has been illustrated. In fact, Reygadas accomplishes the daring challenge of undressing his narrative skeleton to immerse it in a more atmospheric than scriptwriting remontrance. The result is a work of unmistakable precision, which never overshadows its protagonists. Because the filmmaker brilliantly captures the modesty of his intrigue by a filmic gaze so stagnant that it is impossible for it not to evoke…

  • The Heat

    The Heat


    (4) Good

    Paul Feig joins forces with two leading figures of modern comedy in this amusing detective film. As expected, the result is energetic and the humor very well mastered. However, the story remains more on the surface than his previous films; the action is rather generic and the heroines carry an unfortunately incomplete sentimental build. The plot juxtaposes predictable passages, still keeping a funny personality thanks to the energy of its two actresses.

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  • The Celebration

    The Celebration


    (3) Very Good

    The Danish Thomas Vinterberg delivers with "Festen" the very first attempt of the radical movement "Dogma95" and the bet of his proposal seems quite successful. If his aesthetic stripping could appear unsightly, this approach entrusts the artwork with a very fiery energy. The dry cuts and spontaneous camera movements allow as never before to illustrate the talent of the performers then in total possession of the mise en scene, what a more classical technicity could not have…

  • Moonlight



    (2) Remarkable

    With his second feature film, Barry Jenkins marks a turning point in the place of independent cinema in America and offers despite its modest budget one of the most exceptional works of the last decade. With the idea of exploring the influence of an entire universe on a person, the director establishes an unprecedented oscultation of his main character. Although he is played by three distinct actors, his psychic load remains of an incomparable fertility; Jenkins knows how…