Trouble Every Day

Trouble Every Day ★★★½


A primordially erotic dive into the world of eating other humans and the act of being alone. Visually capturing the silence and beauty of isolation as well as the immense trepidation that comes with vampiric acts. Trouble Every Day is cryptic in its own nature. Created by the absence of dialogue, only used when needed. And a slow pace that creates an immersive atmosphere. This approach to the horror genre makes the story even more compelling. Claire Denis takes what is known and deforms it into something intoxicating and dangerous. What supports the vivacity of the films core are the performances, mainly Vincent Gallo and Béatrice Dalle. Both have a fantastic presence on screen, inhumane and damaged all at once. There are many moments that I want to hold onto for a bit longer from this, specifically the Notre Dame scene. Genuinely perfect, yet so simple. Just goes to show how fantastic Denis is at what she does. 

This being my second Claire Denis film, I am even more inclined to make my way through her filmography. Also, I didn’t entirely plan this but this is the second cannibal film I’ve seen this week, oops.

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