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  • Come and See
  • I Am Cuba
  • Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks
  • The Long Day Closes

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  • Red Flooded You

    Red Flooded You

    My first entry into film 

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    An exercise in confusion and the overwhelming want of an escape from reality. Dreams and cognition intertwine while following a young man who faces what frightens him the most, himself.

    I shot and spliced this in one day, twenty minutes to film every sequence and 2 hours (including my computer crashing) to complete editing the short. The spontaneity of the film is heavily present. Nate Fusillo who acted in the film and I…

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  • Bones and All

    Bones and All


    Bones and All is a hallmarkesque love story, unconvincing and empty. Its existence is only to colligate the bloodshed that occurs amply throughout the films runtime. Trying desperately to convince the viewer that the pairs inconsistencies and flaws don’t define them, their love is far more powerful and everlasting than the hunger that plagues them in the interim. Right?… Luca has an odd consistency with the stories he chooses to tell. Embracing the idea that the relationships, toxicity and all, are natural.…

  • Kes



    “Often people write stories about people who are suffering, and they're miserable all the time. That's not the case. You go to the food bank or wherever and there's laughter, there's comedy, there's stupidity, there's silliness and warmth. And that's the reality of people's lives. If you cut out that sense of humor and warmth, you miss the point.”
    - Ken Loach 

    Kes is one of the most universal captures of misunderstood youth, the human spirit, and the crushing reality…

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  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once



    I really don’t know what I expected but it definitely was not this. The 4.6 rating is understandable considering this has some of the most American and raunchy humor, but that’s basically the main reason why it fell flat for me. It also went way too fast, like a train leaving before I could even get on, and I’m standing at the station watching the train go farther and farther away until I can’t see it anymore. 

    This “film”…

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    It’s my birthday. :)

    This past week I have been hyper fixated on Under the Skin. This isn’t anything particularly new bearing in mind that Glazer is one of my favorite directors. However, for one of my final projects for school, I made an entire presentation explaining the film as well as an eight page composition that had an even deeper analysis. To fit and continue this theme, I decided to gather all of my friends and watch the movie…