Sleepwalkers ★★★½

Mick Garris directed and Stephen King wrote this incredibly fun, even more so than I remember it being. It's for a great dark sense of humor and moves at really fast clip. The gore is fucking great, including one ridiculous and awesome death by corn on the cob!
The acting is also really good, with the breathtakingly beautiful madchen Amik in the super likable lead doing a wonderful job. The stunning Alice krige is great here making you actually feel sorry for these weird monsters, who also happen to be into incest. There is a ton of great horror cameos that most add to the fun.
The climax is great. Amik's cute dance will win your heart. And, fuck I'm not even a cat person, and I love it!
It definitely deserves more love. And, honest to God, I think it's way better than a bunch of 90s slashers that get a ton of more love.