Superstition ★★★★

Horror Hunt #25 (July 2020) Day (9) What year did your ninth birthday take place? Watch a horror film from that year.

The main young Priest was completely useless. But I guess what can you expect from a dude who gets that much paint on his glasses while painting a house?? And somehow he's able to just wipe the paint off that easily? I don't think so! At the very least he'd have an annoying smudge on his glasses until they were cleaned properly. Trust me, a smudge on your glasses can drive you batty. You're then trying to clean that crap off for the rest of the day until it's completely as you can tell, that kind of took me out of the movie and was also one of the more horrific moments in the film that features a spike to the head into the floor, exploding microwave skull, and a poor defenceless dummy being killed to prevent an actual human from coming to harm. (But it was kind of funny though).

This is not a happy movie....except maybe for the people watching it....nothing happy really happens. It's got oodles of atmosphere and a great score that sounds somewhere between Friday the 13th and Suspiria and Predator. The movie feels Italian at times, were they trying to make an Italian horror movie? It does help to explain the nonsensical dialog...well it technically makes sense, but if you listen to what they say from scene to scene...HUH???? Whatever though, it's got a great score, atmosphere, high body count, some cool kills, the witch is almost terrifying (those hands are fantastic!), and a truly, truly gorgeous poster. A winner for sure!

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