From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★½

Daily Horror Scavenger Hunt 12 – June 2019 Day 3. A Horror film with Fred Williamson.

It's weird, but I actually prefer the build up of this movie. Everything up until the vampires start attacking is cool and feels so Robert Rodriguez. Then the attack begins and it's lovely and bloody, and the practical effects look great, apart from a few full body suits, and I should really be enjoying it. I do. But I think it goes on a little too long. Apparently I have a low boredom threshhold when it comes to massive vampire slaughter. Unexpected. On the plus side, Fred Williamson is a bad ass. So is Sex Machine. And Mr. Clooney. And all three versions of Cheech Marin. I forgot about that. It's kind of weird having Harvey Keitel and Juliette Lewis be the sane , normal people in a movie. Anyway, it's only for a very short window that I start to lose interest in this movie so It's not too bad that. Love that final shot.

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