Zodiac ★★★★½

One of the finest well made heavy dialogue, mystery thriller films I have ever watched... Oh boy!!

The fact this was based on a unsolved murder from a killer who called himself “The Zodiac” and the murder remains unsolved to this day is the most shocking thing about this movie.... If this wasn’t based on true events, it wouldn’t have worked as well and it might have come of as a cheap trick, depends on the filmmaker.

This only works cause of the tightest atmosphere that David Fincher creates, with the dialogue, and the cast. All of this is only possible of Fincher.

The cast in this is amazing. Going from Mark Ruffalo who is great as Dave Toschi, Robert Downey. Jr as Paul Avery (by far his best performance outside of Marvel that I have seen) HOWEVER the glue that holds this film together who is not Fincher.

It’s off course Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith. His performance as the lead who is trying to solve the Zodic killer himself is just brilliant to watch. His exchange with Ruffalo in the cafe is great acting from both of the actors. The biggest acting moment from Gyllenhaal in the film is by far the moment in the man’s house which goes into the basement.

His face expressions in that whole scene is bone chilling as the scene itself.

Some of the moments in this film made me feel like I was watching an Alfred Hitchcock movie with the editing or the movement of characters.

This is a great film from start to end, it could easily become just a easy film to rewatch anytime.

Wonder if Mark Ruffalo got his animal crackers????? That’s the biggest mystery...

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