The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

I will avenge you Father! I will save you Mother! I will kill you Fjölnir!

First time watching.

Odeon Luxe - Isense.

+ Decades has now past since young prince Amleth (Alexander Skarsgård) who was on the verge of being a real man and the rightful heir to the throne, when his father, King Aurandill (Ethan Hawke), was brutally murdered by his uncle Fjölnir (Clas Bang) seeks out his long waited vow.

I've been waiting for this film for quite some time now. Robert Eggers is becoming one of my favourite directors working today with 'The VVitch' and 'The lighthouse' - an film that's in my top 20 of all time, I could say that my anticipation levels were very high to say the least... And oh boy this did not disappoint!!

Robert Eggers' three filmography career has all involved old folk lore of some kind. And arguably I would say that 'The Northman' is Eggers' best told old folk lore story. The scale that he created is unbelievable! Yes the story itself isn't original, but it's the way the story is told that does feel original in a way. The whole mythology is an tough topic to tell anyways, and obviously I think Eggers is the right man to tell these stories that carries such a massive weight. If Eggers wants to continue making old folk stories, then just let him do so... You can tell he has so much passion not just for filmmaking, but bringing these unique stories to life!!

I know he co-wrote this with Sjón, who is an acclaimed writer from Iceland, so getting someone of his nature and knowledge was a smart decision just to make this feel like it came straight from that time and the language that was spoken back then.

Once again in a Eggers film, the cinematography is fantastic. Every shot standouts, if that's down to the lighting or how the camera is set up to get those important shots. Hopefully this could be a early awards contender for the cinematography categories. The cinematographer himself, Jarin Blaschke is already an Oscar nominatiee due to his previous collaboration with Eggers for 'The Lighthouse' so expect some early buzz for him and his work for this film.

The music, production design, sets & costumes are all incredible!!

Maybe there was a few scenes where the special effects didn't look good.

Each member of the cast delivers outstanding performances on different levels. On one scale we have a performance from Nicole Kidman who feels like she's in a different film (in an good way) then comparing that to Alexander Skarsgård who brings such a energetic performance to somehow make it feel so real and raw. He obviously gets all the powerful moments but Anya Taylor-Joy is another standout here, she has some powerful scenes aswell, we all know how talented she is and something working with Eggers brings so much out of her. Everybody loves Anya, right?? We have such a wired but in these days, an typical performance from Willem Dafoe and it's sad that he really has an very limited small role and only gets one scene to particulaly show his craziness but one scene with crazy Dafoe is still better than nothing I guess 🤷.

This is going to be a future classic let me tell you that. 'The Northman' is Eggers at his storytelling best. Like his previous two films, this isn't going to be for everyone's liking. Especially with a more longer runtime than his previous two as well. But please give this film the recognition and love it truly deserves by seeing this in the cinemas even if don't don't appreciate or love it as much as I've done just go out and view it!!


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