Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home ★★★★★

Be careful what you wish for, Parker.

First time watching.


+ 'Spider-Man: No way home' follows Peter Parker (Tom Holland) as his identity as Spider-Man is now revealed to the world. When he asks Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for help, the supreme sorcerer decides to help the troubled kid, but when the spell to make everyone forget Peter is Spider-Man backfires, dangerous foes from other universes starts to appear challenging Peter to realise what it takes to hold the responsibility of being Spider-Man.

For everyone reading this review, I will not be giving out spoilers until I've seen it an third time. So I will be talking about what we have seen based on the trailers and general thoughts.

Yeah I given this 5* who cares??? This is for the whole package..... The cinema where I watched this was packed, and there wasn't any empty seats. I never experienced such an fantastic atmosphere in an cinema before. The best I've ever been part of, people actually gasped out loud and there were people clapping at moments, never has that happened. Films like this deserves an packed audience. It earns those moments and I so grateful that I was part of an full house.

Jon Watts returns to the director's chair to be the first MCU director to finish an trilogy that he started. And each instalment, he has gotten better and more comfortable with tackling Spider-Man in the MCU. His direction is superb along with some great CGI, maybe the Monlia Deaging effect doesn't work on first appearance, but its not the worst either. The action is shot much better this time around, the third act battle has to be seem on the big screen and some action sequences are brutal. He allows ample time for characters and world setting to be established. I think the humour works everytime, I know that is an massive weakness in the MCU, but for me every joke and gag landed and Jacob Batalon probably made the humour work as well, as most of the laughs came from Ned. The meta jokes works surprisingly.

The pacing is spot on for an 2hrs 30mins film that has alot to cover in terms of storytelling. And Watts did a really good job in making no scenes drag or unworthy of their place. This doesn't feel long.

In terms of acting, Tom Holland is an stand out, obviously but this performance brought so much more to the character that we haven't seen before. Holland is full of heartbreaking rollercoaster energy. His chemistry with (real life girlfriend) Zendaya and Jacob Batalon is phenomenal which leads probably Zendaya's best performance as MJ, the danpan humour, the emional bests works so well with an actress like her. Benedict gets better and better as Doctor Strange and after this, I can't wait for his upcoming sequel best year. Marisa Tomei as Aunt May gets more screentime and is more important to the story than the previous two. Finally J.K. Simmons does his best with what small material he has, but it's Simmons playing JJJ, so he will always be entertaining no matter size role.

Jamie Foxx seems to be enjoying this version of Electro and I was as well, definitely an massive improvement. Alfred Molina still feel like Doc Ock and his doesn't miss an beat. BUT, if I had to pick someone who was the surprise, it has to be Willem Dafoe back as Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin. He just slipped back into the role without any problems, it just felt like he been doing this all his life. His doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde performance is still better than ever. They managed to make him more of an meance than before. The lizard and the sandman are the underused villains of the film, but I kinda expected that to be the case. But the three main villans get penalty of screentime, to help their characters develop in some ways which was good to see.

Michael Giacchino's score is very good. The blending of other themes and altering Holland's theme very slightly works so well together. Definitely he best score from this Spider-Man trilogy.

'Spider-Man: No Way Home' is an one in an lifetime experience that I will never forget, it ties the legacy of the Spider-Man character perfectly with nostalgic and heartfelt beats, while I could really talk about the script issues and problems, I'm not, why would I?? That would be stupid. This is an automated win for superhero films and for Spidey. And I LOVED every second from beginning to end.


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