Spencer ★★★★

First time watching.

+ During Christmas holidays with the Royal family at Sandringham, Diana (Kristen Stewart) is struggling not only with her fading marriage to Prince Charles, but her own mental health problems.

Isn’t Kristen Stewart just absolutely Phenomenal???

Oh and her performance as Diana is phenomenal as well. 😊 She embraces the role in terms of appearance, mannerisms and even speech. One minute she can bring an struggling and traumatic Diana on screen the very next, she is the loving mother that everyone knows and that helps to bring an human touch. Every action creates some sort of internal discomfort, which leads to her feel so separated from the royal family. That then allows us to feel sympathy for the many ways and jumping through loops of every traditional orders that she to deal with.

Other actors that give great performances are the kid who plays William and his talents shine in an certain scene that involve him saying “mommy your acting crazy” and the actor who played Charles (Jack Farthing) delivered an powerful scene with Kristen which involves both of them having an convention around an snooker table. Sally Hawkins delivers such an beautiful performance. So natural.

This film relies on the use of the unreliable narrator technique. To show if her struggles were real. And with Diana’s unbalanced mental health problems the whole unreliable narrator works so well.

It doesn’t feel like an straight forward biopic. It’s more of an psychological horror film. This is an dark fairy tale. What I took away from this was that the biggest film inspiration was maybe ‘The Shining’.

The music, cinematography and costume production should all be praised in reviews and should get some recognition for awards.

Director Pablo Larrain & writer Steve Knight has crafted one of the most artistic films of the year that delivers the best performance of Stewart’s career by an HUUUUUGE mile and should easily be one of the front runners for best actress during award season. Believe the hype surrounding her.

2021: boxd.it/aKQBm

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