Rocky IV

Rocky IV ★★★★

If I can change, you can change, everybody can change.

First time watching.

+ 'Rocky IV: Rocky v Drago' is Sylvester Stallone's 2021 reimagined director cut of argubly his most popular 'Rocky' film.

So I had the chance to see this in cinemas here in the UK and firstly we were screened an 35mins Q n A and Stallone was giving his thought process on why he wanted to recut this film in particular. Anytime to see 'Rocky IV' in cinemas now I will try to go. For anyone who don't know, 'Rocky IV' is maybe my favourite guilty pleasure film and it's the film I've rewatched the most from this franichse I just love itmuch!!! The reason why is that it is an product of it's time and it's an film that had to come out in 1985 no year before or after it had to be specifically that year.

So when Sly came out and announced that he would be recutting the film, I knew it would go down the more serious tone like the first, second, & sixth 'Rocky' films and the two 'Creed' films, in my own opinion, I think given how successful 'Creed & Creed 2' were maybe just nudged Stallone into this cut any worries I had were gone completely after this viewing. He gone for an completely new tone while keeping the cheesy elements that people enjoy.

I must be the only person who noticed every little cut Sly made. Removing small pieces of dialogue, adding few seconds additional scenes in certain moments. There's more little scenes added in the Russia training montages. Making the flashback scenes in B&W which is an great idea personally speaking. Adding little details in the way the fights have been filmed just makes it even better. Every scene with the robot is gone so that does trim Paulie's screen time.

He even given Adrian an few little added dialogue moments that she probably needed back in the '85 version. It helps her character personality improve.

What Sly has done here is to make the main character Apollo in many ways, the film focuses on him more than the theatrical version, there are scenes that wasn't in the other cut that appears here to make Apollo's death seem to have more of an cause. There's more focused dialogue between Rocky and Apollo. What turns out is an character study. What Sly said in his Q n A was that Apollo was like an tragic Greek god and it does pay off here. Like I mentioned, there is little dialogue changes between the two that feels like it's an completely different film. His funeral is more fleashed out, the man himself said in the Q n A that he just wanted to make an quick film that people wouldn't be bored with so many scenes were then cut to make the film go faster.

I think the funeral scene is probably the best scene in this new cut. We actually see and hear Tony Burton's Duke give an speech and Rocky is far more upset and there is pure emotion. And all it does is to simply give the film an breathe instead of quickly moving on.

What also improves in small ways is the character of Drago. In the other cut he comes off as one dimensional. Here though, he gets that little bit more dialogue and in certain scenes he does want to talk but gets interrupted so he doesn't just look like an robot, there is an character in there someway.

As you gathered, my love for 'Rocky IV' has passed on to Stallone's director's cut. While I will still pick the original over this, as it's an guilty pleasure, this cut proves that Stallone was right in trying to make people understand what he wanted the audience to see and that is what he delivered. I understand that people might think it's just the same film but with couple of added deleted scenes, but for me it's all the little details that I've talked about is why this cut of 'Rocky IV' is an brilliant watch.

Thank you Sly. Keep punching 🥊


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