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This review may contain spoilers.

I’m Mary Poppins y’all!!

Rating hasn’t changed.

I’m in the small majority of people who likes vol.2 more than vol.1 ….

While the first film was more fresh and original. If I’m in the mood to watch either one, I always go for this. James Gunn builds more on the characters, the humour probably is level with the first. It has more heart. It’s more vibrant to look at, the colours pop. The story still doesn’t grip me and it can feel bloated which the first doesn’t.

One of the best visually stunning comic books films I’ve seen.

Baby Groot dancing to ‘Mr. Blue sky’ at the start remains a favourite MCU scene of mine. I love it.

Yondu’s funeral is beautiful. The whole set up is perfect and his send off is touching and heartbreaking. 💔 Another favourite MCU scene of mine.

I think why I like this over the original is Kurt Russell as ego. I like watching him in the film he is a good villain and his chemistry with Chris Pratt is very good.

Gunn missed a trick by not giving us a tango & cash on screen reunion as Stallone makes a cameo appearance.

The soundtrack still bangs…..

Baby Groot….

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