Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★

You break the rules and become a hero. I do it and I become the villain. That doesn't seem fair.

First time watching.

Odeon - 3D.

+ Already having previous experience with the mulitverse and the troubles it can bring, Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) casts an forbidden spell that opens the mulitverse once again when young America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) shows up. The survival of humanity lies within these different universes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sam Raimi is back!! The man has come back to the comic book genre to prove why he remains the G.O.A.T!! We have missed you dearly.

When this was first announced that Raimi would be directing this, instead of being excited for the new 'Doctor Strange' film, I was more excited to see an Sam Raimi film. And that is what I'm going to start off by saying.....

The MCU has had the reputation of not having some sort of style when it comes to their films. Honestly this is hands down the best directed MCU film and it's down to the man himself. All of Raimi's filmmaking techniques are on show to make it unique, however it still feels like Raimi was still slightly chained up by Marvel so it doesn't feel like 100% Raimi mode. Mostly the second half of the film is where this starts to feel more Raimi than generic Marvel/Disney. What I'm shocked at is how close to the bone Raimi was able to get. This isn't going to be for young kids...

I wished we had more madness in the mulitverse. The potential was right there and they just didn't hit the mark. We could have explored different universes even for few seconds here and there, would have been so cool to see. Sadly that's not the case... Wasted potential. Probably wanted to focus on getting cameos in than using creative minds.... 😐😕

Speaking of those cameos, yeah fine I guess, the audience was very muted to say the least when they appeared, very different to the reactions of 'No Way Home'😂😂😂 and obviously we get a certian someone popping up. He just had to.

The script is easily the biggest issue. Mostly the story/plot. The man who brought us 'Loki' - Michael Waldron wrote the script. It's just an mess, yes it was rewritten during production so it had to be set after 'No Way Home', so maybe that cause the script to be poor as it is, the typical MCU humour felt more forced here than most films sadly.

This is a visual popping film. I saw this in 3D, so if you have the chance to see it in said format or go IMAX 3D then I would highly recommend for an film like this.

Benedict Cumberbatch is only getting better and better in the role of Doctor Strange. My favourite performance of his as this particular character. We get more of Rachel McAdams' Christine which is a good thing. 👍 Benedict Wong is still great as Wong, we need more of Wong in the MCU. We need the WCU!!

The Two stand outs from the cast are newcomer Xochitl Gomez who plays the teenager America Chavez. I really enjoyed her introduction and hopefully we get to see more of her down the line. But for me the best stand out was Elizabeth Olsen' Wanda. Her over the top performance along with her cheesy dialogue is just perfect for this film!! Her performance here is probably one of my favourites from the MCU. She was just incredible!!

I've heard alot of praise for Danny Elfman's score. For me I wasn't a big fan of it, it was still good, but nothing blew me away about it.

For an film about having madness in different universes, it sadly wasted that potential to it's fullest. Which is a shame. But with having Sam Raimi at the helm, all the stuff I was most excited for, was the best things about the film...

I would still like to see more Sam Raimi's Doctor Strange though.

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