Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★½

I’m not the only one on this train looking for this case.

First time watching.

Odeon Luxe - Isense.

+ Unlucky assassin "Ladybug" (Brad Pitt) is determined to do his next mission more peacefully while aboard an fast moving bullet train. Fate, however, has different plans when his latest mission involves other adversaries, and soon realise his mission has something in common.

Honestly I wasn't as excited to see 'Bullet Train'. The trailers didn't excite me, so I didn't have many hopes about the film. Just wanting to have an fun time, and thankfully I did.

The film grabs you right from the start and it doesn't let you go. It's an total blast with its endless neon soaked visual style, quick witty humour, great soundtrack & well shot/choreographed violent action set pieces.

David Leitch's direction is really good. Just like 'Atomic Blonde' and 'John Wick', this just oozes with gorgeous lighting, the colours are vibrant and the camera work is great. The editing is probably one of my favourite things about the film - the way the story is told, certain action cuts I really liked that whole aspect.

In terms of the cast, Brad Pitt delivers an terrific performance as someone who is able to capable as an action star while making fun of himself. I think the stand out(s) are Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry as the twins "Tangerine and Lemon", their chemistry is perfect and the humour between the pair is fantastic.

The rest of the cast does wonders and are good with the different amount of screentime each one gets.

As for the overall humour of the film, I was laughing throughout, at times though, the humour did feel forced and some jokes didn't land with me.

Probably the only big issue I have is the way it quickly change into an CGI third act, I say this is an issue because the CGI isn't the best.

So if your in the mood for an fun time at the cinemas, them I would highly recommend checking out 'Bullet Train'. This is the "turn off my brain" film I've been needed recently in my life and this is an great description of an summer movie.


2022: boxd.it/eGxUs

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