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  • Friends: The Reunion

    Friends: The Reunion


    It was time for Marcel to f**k off. 

    Let’s just embrace the fact that this is the reunion that fans has been waiting for....

    It’s just nice to see all 6 cast members back together. Going down memory lane. 

    But out of anyone, why James Corden to host????? 

    And could you imagine if Paul Rudd just showed up out of the blue. The internet would have gone crazy!!!! He should have done his own version of Mike arriving in Barbados. 

    Finally, we must protect Matthew Perry at all costs. Absolutely!!!

  • Tenet



    It hasn’t happened yet. 

    Well, John David Washington, in fact it has happened. Tenet has finally been released in cinemas (in the U.K.) and I have to say, imo this is yet another masterpiece from the mind of Christopher Nolan somewhat his most confusing and probably his most ambitious  film to date.

    I am just shocked 😮 I have no words to describe how I feel after watching this in the cinemas. My mind is all over the place I’m…

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  • The Fate of the Furious

    The Fate of the Furious


    I’ve seen that look before. Dominic Toretto just went rogue. 

    Rating has changed from 3/5 down to 2/5 

    You know the term “jump the shark”? Well in F&F terms, Vin Diesel jumps over a submarine with a car…

    Giving the whole message of the franchise is to never give up on family, you don’t turn your back on them, they just went against that message with Vin Diesel’s Dom turning his back on his family. It’s not a good move.…

  • Furious 7

    Furious 7


    You think you can leave without saying goodbye. 

    Rating hasn’t changed. 

    Let’s get the big thing out of the way first. The passing of Paul Walker during production on this film back in 2013. The person who was in charge of directing duties was not Justin Lin this time around, instead it was James Wan known for making horror films before stepping into this franchise with his only film under the F&F belt. Well, obviously him, the production crew and…

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  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    Run 🤫 

    Finally, I can breathe!!!!!!!

    It’s very rare these days that Hollywood produces a sequel that isn’t just the same old stuff that they think people want to see.  For example, ‘the hangover part 2’. But what John Krasinksi does with this film, he brings more story depth and character development in a film that literally picks up where the first film ended. 

    When the title card pops up saying “day 1” we, the audience, know what is in…

  • Cruella



    I’m just getting started, darling. 

    I shouldn’t enjoy this as much as I have done. But this is a excellent film! I really love this and happy to see it in a cinema. This is a massive shock!!

    A live action Disney film that got some sort of a style going for it. It’s dark, it’s fun it’s got a edge towards it, and just injects the punk rock era movement and embodies it fully.  

    Everything on show ticks…