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  • Color Out of Space

    Color Out of Space


    Better than I expected. The original is one of my favourite Lovecraft short stories. Interesting to think about it through the lens of abuse (but also horrifying given recent accusations around Stanley). Will watch Die Farbe after this.

  • Human Traffic

    Human Traffic


    Any jungle in, guy?

    Heartwarming, evocative. Natural comparisons to draw would be Trainspotting. I'm glad this theme was revisited in Beats (2019).

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  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York


    Like many other great films this one has churned around in my head for some time. There are many things to say about this film: how startling, subtle and fragmentary the process of aging itself is, the postmodern cleverness of a play-within-a-play and the literary gauze we wrap outselves in, the unforgiving nature of Caden's self-analysis (and at the end, perhaps self-reflexivity).

    That almost-offhand mention of the suggested title for his project, Simulacrum, got me thinking about some things. It…

  • Aurora



    Within a post-Soviet sanitorium in Kyrgyzstan some darkly comic (and just plain dark) episodes unfold. As the Asian Film Archive's blurb (who have done a wonderful job curating this into a programme on Central Asian film) promises there is a non-linear narrative, but one that never becomes confusing. Instead it is employed to weave in and out of time, much like the strange secrets that cheaply-varnished rooms host, a beguiling moon over distant cannabis fields, or the music of Tchaikovsky…