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  • Dogs Don't Wear Pants

    Dogs Don't Wear Pants


    Without a doubt, the rom-com of the year.

    Grief, family bond, self-worth, reputation and sexuality interestingly meet the underground BDSM scene in this fierce yet unassuming, deeply dramatic and at the same time wickedly humorous tale of life and love.

    There's good command of film techniques, from the wise use of sound (or lack thereof), to the flush, if a little redundant, cinematography and the excellent photography with Argento-esque hints of colored lighting.
    But what really takes the prize here…

  • Vagabond



    Holy shit, Varda was the champion of cinematic discomfort and I love her for it.

    This is the tale of a morally ambiguous Joan of Arc, a modern antihero who refuses to accept any and all societal norms, prematurely meeting her fate in a sometimes reckless, sometimes stubborn, but more and more desperate attempt to pursue her ideals, or lack thereof. A character that does not comply with the audience's expectations, either. She's not likable and doesn't seem interested in…

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  • Hercules



    Tell me you're bored and nostalgic without telling me you're bored and nostalgic, I'll go first:

  • Hanna



    Shocking and riveting, though perplexing. It seems as though the story tries to be cryptic and refer to serious espionage generic conventions as well as more traditional dramatic tones, which is definitely a weird mix. Also, the photography is quite intriguing, and Cate + Saoirse are exceptional. All in all, worth a rewatch.

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  • Oldboy



    I guess we know who got the last laugh uh?

    No one. Absolutely no one.

  • Death on the Nile

    Death on the Nile


    Ok so Maggie Smith in suits constantly bickering with Bette Davis, Angela Lansbury as a perennially drunk romance writer obsessed with sex, Mia Farrow as mostly herself but with a british accent. I mean even without Agatha's genius... Absolute goals