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  • My Name Is Loh Kiwan

    My Name Is Loh Kiwan


    A North Korean defector seeking asylum in Belgium falls in with a wayward young woman who is embroiled in the city’s criminal underworld in My Name is Loh Kiwan, the first feature film from writer-director Kim Hee-jin.

    The presence of superstar heartthrob Song Joong-ki in the title role will almost certainly guarantee a strong debut for Kim’s chilly Europe-set drama, where it soon becomes apparent that romance is the order of the day, rather than any meaningful political commentary.
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  • Shōgun



    In 1980, American studio Paramount Television’s groundbreaking adaptation of the bestselling novel Shogun, written by James Clavell, became a broadcasting sensation.

    Screening across five consecutive nights, the epic historical saga starring Richard Chamberlain and Toshiro Mifune pulled in record audience numbers, propelled the book to the top of the charts, and helped nurture interest in Japanese culture across America.

    Forty-four years later, Clavell’s sweeping tale of a British sailor – loosely based on the real historical figure William Adams –…

Popular reviews

  • Cross of Iron

    Cross of Iron


    Peckinpah's only war movie is also one of his best. James Coburn stars as the anti-authoritarian German sergeant, looking out for his men on the cold Eastern Front, while his imbecilic superior (Maximilian Schell) chases the elusive Iron Cross. Beautifully shot and filled with the violence and camaraderie synonymous with the director's work this rarely gets the praise it deserves as one of Hollywood's most profound meditations on the futility of war.

  • Warriors of Future

    Warriors of Future


    What a relief, after something like a ten-year gestation period, Louis Koo’s hugely ambitious passion project turns out to be great fun and a bold step forward for Hong Kong cinema. It’s ludicrous sci-fi hokum but it’s made with passion by people who clearly care. CGI is legit, pace & plot are slick & coherent. Good guys are good, bad guys are bad, & the action is on point. That’ll do, Louis. That’ll do.