The Tingler

The Tingler ★★★

After hearing a reference to this in an old Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode, I needed no further prodding. Due to a recent nightmare (one of those weird all-night things where death is a looming certainty and you are reminded of all the ways in which you've let people down) the movie affected me more than I'm willing to further discuss here and I was somewhat relieved when the spineopede looking thing was brought out. Somewhat cool/somewhat silly, I was saved from having to think about deep life issues any further. Possibly, I was more freaked out by the movie starting with an execution than anything else. Though if you're going to be murdered, why not scare the bejeezus out of everyone involved by screaming so hard that you sever your own spinal cord. As someone who has had anxiety pretty much forever, I relate to the idea of the fear you refuse to acknowledge turning into a terrifying monster. I am now going to watch Matinee for the 9,000th time.

Also: did I forget to say Vincent Price was incredibly entertaining in this and I want to see a movie that is just his acidic and damaging relationship with someone else witty? Like if they did a movie of the book within Douglas Coupland's The Gum Thief: Glove Pond?

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