Halloween ★★★★★

Watched on the projector, how did I ever fail to notice the creepy song Laurie sings, and he's following her? And one of the bullies that smashed poor Tommy's pumpkin runs right into M? Ugh!

I can't watch this without noticing how truly great the interactions are between Annie, Lynda and Laurie and how awful that might've been without Deb! (RIP).

Which brings me to how: I can never watch this movie without thinking about how down it is on women wanting to have sex without immediately babies. This 80 something year old lady who worked at the Wal-Mart pharmacy used to very suspiciously remind me how many days on my birth control I had left because apparently she was keeping count and why do I want my birth control five days early?!?

It was pretty clear her hostility stemmed from my having it at all rather than picking it up Wednesday instead of Monday. Crabs in a bucket? Never an option for them so why should we have any fun? A conflict of interest she didn't consider because she really needed that job? But babies over birth control is a pretty common attitude.The first time I saw this, only ever having seen Scream, I was struck by the insight that Laurie's virtue is not her virginity. Randy, lacking cultural or possibly even generational? Perspective, got that wrong. Laurie's purity is in her placing importance on child care over sex because that's what sex is really about to many people.

Honestly, I doubt anyone involved in making this had that in mind. (JC's quote on the wiki about 'dumb feminists, Deb made films for everyone!') Well, sorry if I'm not being 'humanist' enough for you or whatevs but I as a woman especially appreciated her natural dialouge and imput which so many horror movies are sadly lacking...and its hard for me not to see themes of control over women's sexuality and bodies.

In contrast to Laurie, the other girls are 'awful' about having to take care of kids, yuck...how can I not contrast that with it being the first time in history women didn't have to see sex in terms of marriage and childcare? How can I not see that, especially now, this year? For me, that looming return to 'either sex or no kids, you can't have your cake and eat it too, you slutty murderer,' (sorry but that's what you're really saying whenever you deny women healthcare, well, and also that you do not care about our wellbeing at all, dress it up any way you like) the awful shit I see on the horizon IS the shape, that and none other, the threat to my personness, relationship, ambitions, health and futute.

But there's also a glowing jack-o-lantern in every frame, the dry leaves blown down the street, it's fucking magical. I would love to live in a world where that's all I'd have to think about.

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