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  • Elle



    the way Isabelle Huppert’s attentions will suddenly shift within a scene, so that in the middle of an action or sentence she’ll pick up on something she doesn’t find satisfying about like the drink she’s holding or the food she’s eating or something you did or a look someone is giving, and just cast her eyes over it with absolute focus and cutting brevity and then she’s back, was she ever even gone. an actress whom nearly every single one of her directors has found intimidating—a fact which, of course, Verhoeven finds very funny. Verhoeven’s interested in Catholicism as a system of control.

  • Undine



    sweet story of a freelance academic dating down a class, Paula Beer like Nina Hoss before her seems intellectually intimidating and Frans Rogowski joins the pantheon of Petzold himbos (cf also Hoss’s love interests Phoenix, Jerichow most notably). As thematic concerns, the neoliberal built environment (trains!) & how we got here vs the mystic deep fits snugly over Petzold’s usual aesthetic and narrative interests in liminal modernism and classic melodrama; this is denser and less clear-cut than many of his previous…

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