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  • Tropico



    To the people calling this 'self-indulgent, hollow and vain': congratulations you've found exactly the point. Something Lana del Rey often does in her work is to paint a caricature of the American dream, or, if you will, the darker side of the coin maybe; which is (to certain extent– we don't want to hurt anybody's feelings) hollow and self-indulgent, dangerous even sometimes and I think that this film shows exactly that.
    This is why it doesn't matter that the imposers don't look like the Hollywood icons, maybe it's even because it's nearly impossible to actually obtain the American dream (which they obviously symbolize)

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  • Black Mirror: USS Callister

    Black Mirror: USS Callister


    Damn this is kinda like Toy Story but if it were camp

  • ABBA Silver, ABBA Gold

    ABBA Silver, ABBA Gold


    Can't believe they managed to splice in new (to me) excerpts from old interviews, actually impressed the same stuff wasn't constantly repeated at me👏

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  • Little Fish

    Little Fish


    when the kids sang; I cried

    also: Cate Blanchett in the pool, Cate Blanchett in the bed, Cate Blanchett in the shop, Cate Blanchett on the beach, Cate Blanchett anywhere: poetic cinema

    HOnestly I loved this so much more then I thought I would and it was also gayer then expected which is good for pride month and yea, this was good I guess !!

  • Pierrette's Escapades

    Pierrette's Escapades


    lesbians in contrasting colors since 1900