The Five Devils

The Five Devils ★★★★

There are five main characters in the film but the main focus is on Vicky, a young biracial girl who has visions of her mother Joanne’s (Adèle Exarchopoulos) past. She is not happy when she learns that Joanne’s long-lost love is also the sister of her father, her aunt, and could disrupt the family dynamic. The film in different ways makes use of the five senses, particularly smell, which Vicky uses to make potions and influence the present. As far as soundtrack, the original music is a nice accent to most scenes whereas the pop music being used, particularly Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, lets you know exactly what two characters are feeling. One of the posters used and that I like a lot is a closeup of the young girl Vicky wearing beveled sunglasses. When we get that shot in the film we see the skewed vision she sees. 
Writer-director Léa Mysius was at my screening and was very clear that the visions are less about a time-travel plot but more of an idea of women’s connection from one generation to another. 

Rendez -Vous with French Cinema, film 1
Lincoln Center

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