• The Incredible Melting Man

    The Incredible Melting Man


    If we had to give a list of cult B directors in the 70s we should name William Sachs. A guy who became famous for making low budget Sci-Fi movies and since I met him I knew about The Incredible Melting Man for the first time thanks to a forum about horror movies, I saw it about 10 years ago and yesterday on a retro tapes stream channel I came across it again.

    The plot is quite simple and has…

  • Before the Rain

    Before the Rain


    It is thanks to a close friend who owns a physical copy in DVD format of Criterion Collection the reason why until now and after several years I have seen til now Before the Rain, in my time of post-adolescence when I started collecting films of this distributor I always wanted to get a copy of it but instead I always opted to buy others because they attracted my attention, but well, it is never too late to see it…

  • Sugar Daddy

    Sugar Daddy


    Sugar Daddy is another of several films that I always wanted to watch but had been deprived of being able to see because they were stuck and anchored during 2020 which thanks to COVID did not have an official distribution remaining in a kind of limbo, and it is only now after almost a year that has become available on websites like torrents or streaming sites so that the public finally know and know of these proposals.

    The plot is…

  • The Captain

    The Captain


    I decided to see The Captain because a cousin of mine asked me to mention recommendations of movies about Nazism to watch since he is a big fan of war stories on movies and when I mentioned this one to him (since I heard about it from Letterboxd) I didn't realize I had never seen it and that's why I decided to give it a chance.

    The German Robert Schwentke, responsible for the unnecessary sequels to Divergent, directs and writes…

  • Creep



    Creep is another movie that I knew existed and had on my unstable to-watch list, but two days ago I remembered it by talking to a friend on Instagram and he mentioned it to me and that's how I saw it for the first time.

    This dark story is set in London. One cold winter night, Kate goes to catch the tube but, while waiting on a platform bench, she falls asleep. When she wakes up, everyone has disappeared. Panicked,…

  • Circuit



    Circuit is another Queer film that I had pending on my wishlist but to be honest I was reluctant to see it because I had a very underestimated idea of it and I preferred other similar proposals that I considered better. But even so, it's never too much to give it a chance, was the result good? Yes, but not entirely.

    In broad strokes I will tell you what it is about to put in context everything that happens in…

  • Flesh Eating Mothers

    Flesh Eating Mothers


    I've known about this movie for years and I had it on my to-see list to watch in the long run on some occasion when I felt like watching it and being in the mood, and I feel that last night was the right time to do it.

    The plot is crazy and dark as hell: from one day to the next an epidemic breaks out in a town. The mothers of several young people start eating everything around them,…

  • The Cat

    The Cat


    For me, The Cat falls into that category of films that I would call "I expected more" the poster, the synopsis, the cast, and the first minutes of the story caught me, unfortunately much that I had idealized about it ended up becoming a kind of disillusionment, One of them was that we would be facing a more dense and dark story and that it would be immersed in an erotic subplot as the opening scene gave it to hint…

  • Splendor



    Sometimes I get a strange nostalgia in me when I come across this kind of semi-erotic teenage tapes, Splendor is one of those rarities of this kind that were made at the end of this decade and I remember that when I was young I got to see it at a friends house and with nothing better to do we started to "watch it" although the end more than paying attention we spent it chatting.

    This kinky story tells about,…

  • Call Me Tonight

    Call Me Tonight


    Call Me Tonight is an OVA of ecchi style with horror overtones of just 30 minutes, written and directed by Tatsuya Okamoto, a work which I also met curating lists in Letterboxd. This tells us about Natsumi, a normal student in appearance, however she works in an escort agency as a call girl. Everything seems normal until a boy named Sugiura calls her to ask for help with his problem, and that is that every time he sees something erotic…

  • The Ardennes

    The Ardennes


    Last night I happened to see this film at one of my cousin's house who told me about it and while I was there he encouraged me to watch it in his room, I was unaware of this work brought from Belgium... until now.

    The story takes place after an unsuccessful robbery of a house, Dave is forced to flee, leaving behind his brother Kenneth, who for not informing on his brother must spend four years in prison. After that…

  • Condemned



    Lately, I've been watching several horror movies, which is strange because it's been a long time since I've wanted to see this genre so much. Googling I came across this semi-unknown independent work, despite not having an alluring hook I decided to give it a chance, well, what could I lose?

    The film begins with what we could say is our protagonist, Maya who is fed up with fighting with her parents runs away with her ill-fated boyfriend to an…